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Marketing & Design  



Who I am

Dynamic and innovative Industrial Designer with 7+ Years of experience in creative projects, planning services and design creation. I have the ability to escalate brand awareness and build strategies for companies using the skills gained in my Social Media & Marketing and communications studies in Australia, I am able to identify the opportunities and overcome objections.  Having abilities to establish interpersonal relationships and excellent work capacity under pressure, accepting challenges and competences in addition to persisting to get the desired results. 

What I do 

Nowadays, a well-made advertisement is vital to the growth of any business. With this said, I always focus on making it available for anyone in the best possible way. From traditional to online advertising since product design until interaction & service design. Based on the most conceptual ideasI also work as a freelance by creating solutions for all my clients regardless of the industry they are and I have started a Marketing & Design agency based in Melbourne,Australia. 

Why choose Me?

Not only a designer,but also a Social Media & Digital Marketer.



Interaction Design,Service Design,Product Design,Packaging Design & Context Design,


Printed, Digital & Social Media

Creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.


Stage Designer

To create ideas in terms of design and planning the stages of the event.


Different photography styles

Product Photography,Portrait Photography,Architectural Photography, Event Photography.

More benefits & Skills

Hold on! Here are a few more benefits for you.

  • I have experience as a freelance in USA,Colombia & Australia.

  • Creative spirit

  • Reliable and professional

  • Time Management

  • Problem-solving skills

Printed Advertising

Business cards and print ads such as flyers, posters, magazines, etc.

Digital Advertising

Promotional and banner ads through email, social media websites, search engines, web sites, etc.

Social Advertising

Promotional advertisements to raise awareness of a community's social issues.  

Community Manager

Brand's ambassador, engaging with potential customers and building relationships with existing ones.

Content Marketing

Focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online


By optimizing the website to get higher rankings in the organic and paid search

                                                    +Web Development


Printed Material


Clothing& Packaging

Branding for Businesses

Capture the day of the “Yes” with professional view! From logo, to website and social media improving engagement. I also make printed material to increase the brand awareness of your business.

Community Management

Logo Creation

DESIGN PROJECTS✨    Super Kardia 

Super Kardia Is a symbolic game as a therapeutic tool used by cardiology patients aged 7-10 years in Shaio Clinic, Is a support toy that generates positive emotions in children patients to bring them stability for development and recovery. Furthermore, serves to understand the child and is a useful method principally for adaptation strategies in the hospital environment by producing a calming effect and facilitating to lose the fear of EKG (Electrocardiogram Test). Suported By: Shaio Clinic (The most important Colombian clinic regarding heart diseases, Jorge Reynolds (Inventor of the first artificial pacemaker with 2 electrodes) and Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.                                                  






Photograph 50s



 Proyecta La Plaza

 Interaction Design

Representative binocular product for La Concordia Market square. It was created from the collective memory of its workers considering several points of view since experiences and histories in the past to generate a sense of belonging integrating the community through the 50s and 60s decade photographs.

The viewfinders are located in "La Concordia Market Square" in Bogota downtown, used by people to see a contrast in some specific spots in the market. People can see the pictures through the device and feel like they are in these decades with a 3d simulation in virtual reality.

Supported By : IPES: Colombian District Entity in charge of provide  productive alternatives to the population of the informal economy ,Majors Office Bogota and Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. Peer: Kevin Buitrago.

Juntos Latimos Mejor 

(Together We Beat Better)

Interaction & Product Design

What is?


Super CoCo, is an interactive game which was part of a project a group of designers did called Juntos Latimos Mejor, where children could play and learn about the heart, through sensorial experiences with sounds, lights, and movements. Metaphorically, in order to teach the child how healthy food habits can influence in the proper functioning of the heart.                                         



The device has three hearts and a control board with six (6) stations for six (6) children to play. The game works under the concept of collectivity, allowing children to act simultaneously without creating any type of conflict between each other. It also comes with some printed tokens with food images and a battery shaped bottle. 

How Works?


 Children have (10)ten tokens not only with Junk food as Burger,French fries, or candies but also with nutritive food, in this case, Banana contains potassium, the egg is the source of Iron and the lemon for Vitamin C, medically that is the healthy diet formula for the better performance of our heart. They must put the Tokens into the battery and introducing that formula inside the hole in the board, with the correct tokens food it will allow the 3 hearts to activate and beat.

Supported By:


 Shaio Clinic (The most important Colombian clinic regarding heart diseases, Jorge Reynolds (Inventor of the first artificial pacemaker with 2 electrodes) and Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and Newman School.                                                              Peers : Andrea Villalobos, Ricardo Garcia, Eduardo Rozo.


TextIM is an interaction artefact used by Movistar customers as a communication device allowing to send free messages unidirectionally, easy and fast in some Hospitals, Public transport stations and Universities around Bogotá. We had the opportunity to work with GRUPODOT COLOMBIA an interactive design service company in Bogotá and MOVISTAR COLOMBIA a mobile phone company



2 idea of design 


EVENT DESIGN : Designing inspirational atmospheres

Events in New York City, in collab with an event corporation and Jewish community, creating and planning events  Such as: Chabad Lubavitch annual convention,Kidushin(Jewish wedding), Google New years eve Farewell, Tower of hope Gala, Sponge Bob Square pants broadway musical, Bon Jovi private Concert.

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